Auto repair at Diversified Auto

Your Trusted Auto Repair Shop In Saskatoon

Founded in 1993, Diversified Auto is a family-owned operation delivering reliable auto repair services to the residents of Saskatoon, Westview, Rosewood, and the surrounding areas. We attribute our decades of success to our diligent mechanics, proven practices, and commitment to client satisfaction. Thanks to our wildly knowledgeable mechanics, Diversified Auto proudly offers an array of auto repair services, including oil changes, inspections, and tune-ups. In the hopes of meeting client needs while going above industry standards, we employ highly trained mechanics and uphold a strong work ethic. Above all else, your safety is our top priority. It's for this reason why we go the extra mile to ensure that you stay out of harm's way while on the road.

How Diversified Auto Got Its Start

Though now a renowned auto repair shop, Diversified Auto began from humble beginnings. David Anderson, the co-owner of Diversified Auto, used his expertise as a mechanic to bring his auto repair business to life. With assistance from Paige Anderson, he did just that. After working as a mechanic for a decade, David made the bold decision to develop an auto repair shop. For three years, he assumed all responsibilities. As Diversified Auto began to expand, additional help was warranted. With that said, David brought seasoned mechanics and industry experts on board, subsequently shaping Diversified Auto into the well-oiled auto repair shop it is today.


Meet Our Team

  • Dave AndersonOwner
  • Karsten LarsenJourneyman Technician
  • Scott GordonJourneyman Technician
  • Jeanette MartensService Writer